Sarah Flashing To Interview Christine Pack re: One Thousand Gifts & Mystical Christian Panentheism

You may or may not be following a recent occurrence concerning a review posted by Mr. Tim Challies regarding Ann VosKamp’s wildly popular, One Thousand Gifts.  After Mr. Challies posted his review, which I was grateful to have him express some of the same concerns I and many others have with the book as well as all the other books circulating in Christian circles these days that are promoting clearly anti-Christian views of panentheism and mysticism, Mr. Challies, wrote another article expressing his regret over his tone in the review and asking Ms. Voskamp for forgiveness.  I certainly appreciate his sensitivity to the issue and desire to be gracious as he reviews various books, however, I am concerned that it has now sent a confusing message regarding the very serious issues promoted by Ms. VosKamp and the very serious dangers they present to the sheep of Jesus Christ.   Cathy Blackerby Matthews of Sola Sisters blog, wrote a timely open letter to Mr. Challies, regarding her desire to also meet with him for dinner and help him understand just how vital it is that we sound the alarm about the dangers of the ideas and teachings being circulated in books such as Ms. VosKamp’s.

Sara Flashing, director of The Center for Women of Faith in Culture, will interview Ms. Christine Pack also of the Sola Sisters blog, this afternoon this afternoon May 30, 2012,  at 2:00pm central/3:00pm eastern here.  I encourage you to tune in and listen as Ms. Pack discusses these events an her concerns for the church at large with regard to mysticism and panentheism.