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This is a list (not exhaustive) of some of the homeschool resources I use.  It does include SOME sites that I use for educational philosophy ONLY which means I am NOT NECESSARILY in agreement with the theology of the site.  I will indicate what I mean next to the link.

Kid’s Greek

Answers in Genesis

Bible Doctrine for Younger Kids by Joel Beeke**(highly recommend)

Creation Curicculum Unit Studies by Helen and David Haidle

Answers: Apologetic for Kids

Creation Story Books

Answers in Genesis Preschool Curriculum

Stories of the Pilgrim’s

Printables Site-Homeschool Share

CurrClick- Printable Curriculums

Scripture Memory System

Relaxed Homeschooling (only endorsing this ebook-I like this site, but have not researched her theology entirely)

1000 Great Classic Books List

Handbook of Nature Study

Ambleside Online Book Lists**- I reject Charlotte Mason’s theology and I reject Spiritual Formation, of course, which is associated heavily with the Childlight USA group, but I do like some of her philosophy with regard to short lessons, heavy emphasis on good literature, and outdoors.

Classic Children’s Books Online

The Well Trained Mind

Five in A Row Blog

1plus1plus1 Blog

Tot School

Catechisms for Younger Children:

My First Book of Q&A

Reading/Phonics: Starfall



Online Planner

BBC-Great Online games for science/math/etc

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