Moralism Won’t Help

As I’ve continued to watch the decline of the visible church and our nation, it seems to me there are many who sadly believe its moralism versus secularism, therefore they are willing to compromise the gospel in an effort to attain what they think has been lost in America. However, that is a dangerous and damning error because the Lord didn’t come as a mere moral example to follow. Christ came to save His sheep from the wrath to come and to gather for Himself a people to worship Him in Spirit AND IN TRUTH. So as I see it, there is humanism, moralism, and Christianity. The first two still being dead in their sins against God and under His wrath, the latter clinging ONLY to Christ as their hope of salvation. I encourage each of you to truly examine yourself not against a secular backdrop and pronouncing yourself righteous because you “follow Jesus moral example” rather examine yourself against His perfection and repent of all self reliance clinging ONLY to the righteousness of Christ. Proclaiming the pure unadulterated gospel of Christ to a dying world of humanists and moralists.

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