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Last week Sola Sisters wrote a brief piece explaining “Why We Contend.” They shared that they have lost friends because of their willingness to expose false teaching, but their concern for the truth as well as their friends and their friends’ children is why they keep at it.

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  1. I think a problem has arisen at our Baptist church. For about 10 months I have been hesring about our “Transformational” church team. Having just come out of a mega-church for following WillowCreek trash red flags have gone up.
    I have done some research on people that have been quoted from the podium. The first one that alarmed me very much was the Austrian businessman PetervDrucker, whom Bill Hybells, and Rick Warren were following around to learn of his strategies. Then there were Ed Stetzer, and the latest, David Platt.
    Maybe you have more info on where this might be headed.
    Ourpasto is very strong doctrinally and never fails to preach the Word.
    When we first mentioned about him using Drucker’s quote and wanted to be assured that we were troubled he got somewhat offended. He wanted us to know that he was well aware of the emergents.
    Thanks for you ear and help. Please keep up the goodwork, GodBless, Phil

    • Philip

      I’m so sorry I haven’t replied before now. I have not been receiving notifications of comments. You are right and I have left the SBC because of this movement. It isn’t only emergents…it is the seeker sensitive movement. Peter Drucker wasn’t even a believer and his agenda had nothing to do with the true church but really more about communism/fascism. As does Rick Warren, Bill Hybels, etc. A great teaching on this done by Chris Rosebrough is here:

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