Broaden Out Your Miserable Theology

There is so much on my mind right now and so little time to write it all down.  I plan to return to this soon and give more detailed thought to it,English: Rev.John Gresham Machen. Orthodox Pre...
but I wanted to briefly comment on some things that continue to be on my heart and my mind as I continue to watch the growing apostasy within the visible church.  Especially as I continue to see so many visible leaders compromise with false teachers and heretics and lash out at anyone daring to question their inconsistencies.

I’ve been reading a book by Stephen J. Nichols about the life of J. Gresham Machen entitled simply, J. Gresham Machen: A Guided Tour of His Life and Thought.  Machen is quickly becoming a hero of mine along with A.W. Pink and, of course, the wonderful Charles H. Spurgeon.  Machen, was a student and then professor for 22 years at Princeton when Princeton was a strong conservative Christian institution before the liberals came in and turned it into an educational center for Satan. In fact, Machen, led the charge to fight the liberalism in the Presbyterian church and his beloved Princeton, but was of course, shunned, rejected, and persecuted for his stand.  One letter he received during the beginning of his fight for the faith stated, “Prof. of Bigotry,  Now just stop calumniating your brethren and broaden out your miserable theology and learn to be Christian or else get out.” 

Isn’t that it in a nut shell?  Isn’t that what liberalism is all about.  Redefining Christianity from being the narrow gate and narrow path that Christ proclaimed it to be and attempting to “broaden out…theology” and redefine Christianity altogether?  Isn’t that exactly what the emergent church is doing right now?  Today, if you are a narrow minded fundamental Christian trying to hold firm to your faith and defend the truth that was handed down from the very mouth of God through the prophets and apostles to the saints, you are considered a bigoted, hateful, nasty person and labeled a Pharisee most often.  Despite the fact that the very ones labeling you the Pharisee are the ones ADDING TO THE SCRIPTURES man made rules and philosophies which is the very thing Jesus rebuked the Pharisees for doing.

Anyway, I digress.  I guess I am writing this really just to get some thoughts down and to encourage any other faithful fighters out there.  I know at times it seems we should just give up.  What is the use?  Why are we bothering with this anyhow? Let them think what they want, I’ll just believe the truth and hide it under this bushel.  But, we can’t do that can we?  The Holy Spirit residing in us has created us to be lights meant to shine in the darkness.  We are new creatures foreign in this land of evil and darkness but in it still and unable to refrain from shining forth the light and truth of God.

I was recently informed that even in the International Mission Board there is a woman who has written a women’s Bible study called, Glorify.  Right away in the introduction she introduces the women to the ancient Roman Catholic mystical practice of lectio divina.  It saddens and sickens me to think that missionaries who are meant to be taking forth the good news of Jesus Christ into the outermost parts of the earth are being trained to practice mysticism.  How sad is the visible church today.  World Vision also has compromised with its eccumenical movements and sponsorships of so called “dialogues” between faiths that host interfaith worship services with Muslims and Jews, such as the Global interfaith forum, while also trying to worship the One true God on the same stage.  Saddened to the core at such compromise.

But let us not grow weary in doing good.  As I continued to read the biography of Machen, I learned that ours is not the first time true missions was dropped in favor of a more broad “approach”.  In 1933 a “large group of laity with the support of the Presbyterian Church and six other denominations and funded by John D. Rockefeller,” published a report titled, “Re-Thinking Missions: A Laymen’s Inquiry after One Hundred Years.”  Nichols states it is, “An early trove of pluralistic thought, the report advocated a paradigm shift in missions premised on the notion that Christianity is not the exclusively true religion.  Consequently, mission work should be more syncretistic, eschewing imperialistic attitudes about Christianity and proselytizing in favor of more accommodating attitudes toward other religions and their adherents. As Machen summed it up, the new task of missions was to seek the truth, not present it.”  Sadly, this is exactly what is happening today.  Millions of so called Christians and emergent leaders are sitting around acting as if the truth is lost and we must redefine our beliefs in search of a broader awareness of God. Well, that is one line of logic that I refuse to concede.  If I go down alone (and I won’t because God always has His remnant), I will not budge one inch on the gospel of Jesus Christ as the exclusive and only way that any sinful man will ever inherit eternal life.  I pray right now that God’s children will wake up. I pray that men everywhere will get fresh invigoration for the Word of God and it’s truth. That they will stand firm to defend it’s truths to their families, their neighbors, and yes, sadly, even their leaders and churches if need be.  We need some A.W. Pinks, some Spurgeons, and some J. Gresham Machen’s today.  Will you heed the call?


3 thoughts on “Broaden Out Your Miserable Theology

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  2. I am going to have to look for Machen’s book….The more ‘rethinking’ and ‘redefining’ that is done in the visable church, and the wider their path gets, the narrower mine gets. Just when I think I have a pretty good handle on the apostasy out there, another voice of error pops up out of no where and I grieve all over again. I am indeed one of those considered to be a “bigoted, hateful, nasty person and labeled a Pharisee”, alas, I think I am in good company! I always like C. H. Spurgeon’s quote…

    “Discernment is not simply
    a matter of telling the difference
    between what is right and wrong,
    rather it is the difference between
    right and almost right.”

    There is so much apostasy out there that is overlooked or just given a pass for the sake of ‘unity’? because it sounds ‘almost right’. Yep my path just keeps getting narrower and narrower.

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