The Marks of A Cult


3 thoughts on “The Marks of A Cult

  1. I have to agree that, even though we desperately need to be educated as to why Mormonism is a cult and other such “usual suspects”, we need to learn why places like New Spring (Perry Noble) and Dykstra’s church are cults in an even more traditional sense, using as much intimidation and psychological manipulation to build thejr congregation as any psycho with a harum in a central Texas compound. The solution either way is sound catechesis, which Baptists used to have if you go back a hundred years or so. But Mormonism is growing by leaps and bounds these days, so they apparently are not suspected usually but have gained a frightening level of acceptance, as is exemplified by Gateway Church accepting Glen Beck as a Brother in Christ and having him speak at their church.

  2. When I’ve told Mormon missionaries that they’re not Christian, they have insisted they in fact are.

    I disagree with the moderator of this vid that “Wesleyans” and “Pentecostals” aren’t cults but “denominations”. Rather they’re only slightly less a cult than the Mormons !

    Only a religion of grace can rightly claim to be Christian.

    The vid seems to focus too much on the obvious suspects (e.g., Mormonism).
    But many ostensibly normative religions deny salvation by grace alone as much Mormons, Scientologists, Jehovah’s Witnesses, and the Boston church of christ.

    From the vid: “Inject into it the smallest falsehood, and it becomes a lie”. Is this not exactly what Pentecostals, Wesleyans, even most Southern Baptists have done ?

    Don’t have to “add” to the Bible as the vid claims (new chapters, other books). Merely changing the message (Gospel) from grace to own-works makes for a cult !

    To summarize: I think this video picks-on the too obvious examples like Mormonism when most cults are far closer to home.

    The DataRat
    Reformation Christian

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