Hello My Name is Amanda Bowers and I Am (Was) A False Teacher

I’ve shared in another note my repentance over being a false teacher. You can read about it here

I’m no perfect one. I’ve been taught error AND I HAVE TAUGHT ERROR. Hi, I am Amanda Bowers and I was a False Teacher. I took lightly the grave responsibility that comes with feeding sheep. I let my emotions and my own deceitful heart lead me, rather than the Word of God. Now, I THOUGHT I was letting the Word of God lead me, but I wasn’t. Honestly, there were even times when the Holy Spirit was bringing conviction that I wasn’t preparing and studying enough, but being a natural with words and feeling sure I was understanding these things given the STRONG EXPERIENCES I was having, Ibarreled right past those warning signs. I even had well meaning friends trying to warn me about Beth Moore, but I dismissed it. I found blogs online telling me she was not properly exegeting the Scripture, but I thought, “Nah. These people are kind of hateful. They are mean. I won’t listen to them”

Many of you may be thinking the same about me now or others who are trying to sound the alarm that the American church is headed toward apostasy. Please dear brothers and sisters don’t worry about rejecting me, but please, don’t reject Christ! I love you too much for that. Please examine the teachings of EVERY BELOVED TEACHER against the SOUND WORD. NO MATTER WHO THEY ARE.


When I was a child, false teaching kept me awake at night. I had grievous sins as a child and young adult; too dark to share in a public fashion, but regardless, as the Word says, we all have sinned greatly before the Lord. Growing up in a church that was telling me that I had to be perfect or I could lose my salvation, and that I needed the “second blessing” was detrimental to me. Crying and fearful, I went to the altar thousands of times. By my mid twenties I was exhausted trying to keep myself saved and I had given up. You would still be told I was a Christian if you asked, but I was living for myself and not God!

In 2001, at a desperate point in life when my own ability to control my life and circumstances had reached an all time low; when 9-11 occurred and the world seemed to be falling apart, I had that fear come back to me. What if He returns? Will I be ready?

One day after weeks of praying and searching for truth and not understanding the Word, I cried out the most blasphemous prayer. It was NO SINNER’S PRAYER. I said, “God, if you are real you need to show me the truth or get out of my life and leave me alone, I can not live this way any longer.” Knowing the Sovereignty and Severity of God, it is only a testimony to His long suffering and mercy toward me that He answered my prayer in the way that was best for my soul and not in the way I deserved.

Showing me Hebrews 10:12, “But this man, after he had offered ONE sacrifice for sins FOREVER, sat down on the right hand of God;”

For the first time in all my life, the Holy Spirit illuminated this truth to me that Christ had FINISHED HIS WORK, and I was merely to repent and believe to be saved.

This is no martyrdom statement. It is just a fact! I committed serious and grave sins against my God, and sadly, I often still do, however, with His help I press toward the goal of that upward call. With my brother, Paul, I can say I am the chief of sinners, but like Him I will no longer live for myself. I will live for the Lord Jesus Christ and His Word.

I firmly believe it is the duty of every Christian who understands free grace of God to fight tooth and nail to preserve it. It is a most hateful thing to cover sin and to cover the truth in the name of unity for it torments the children of God and it damns men’s souls to hell.

My conscience is held captive to the Word of God! Here I stand! I can do no other!


7 thoughts on “Hello My Name is Amanda Bowers and I Am (Was) A False Teacher


    Bro. Rat was a militant atheist for three decades -rapidly slipping into nihilism toward the end- before the Most High regenerated him and after three more years (one for each decade of his atheism) converted the Calvinist Rodent to Christ.

    The Lord often uses our years in unbelief to prepare us for a post-conversion ministry. ~Everything~ in Creation serves God. And, as Luther put it: “Even the Devil is God’s devil !”.

    The DataRat
    Reformation Christian

  2. Thank you for having the courage to reverse course – it is true, God does allow U-turns! I hope that you take some comfort in that you are still teachable – once you think you know everything, it becomes easy to be lead astray.

    God Bless You
    Vince in Texas

  3. Even tho the Lord has lifted the burden from my shoulders, i remember when the same realization came to me.. not only was i a false convert, but i had taught others to be false convets too!!! (heck i taught them how to ensure the acceptance of their false conversion by the church); many a long night praying to deal with that huge sin… Thank Him that He is merciful and longsuffering…. now when i see someone i had taught falsehoods, it takes all my self control not to explode on them with the real truth, and the real gospel…wasn’t a good life our Savior promised and died for (not this life anyway) but rather salvation from the wrath of God that abides on all sinners… What Amazing Grace the creator of the Universe has! thank you for your testimony

    may the grace of our Lord be with you
    dale holliday

    • Yes Dale,

      It is a burden for sure. Thanks be to God for His mercy. I was converted several years ago, but my discipleship was woefully lacking and given to much leaning on expereince rather than the sufficiency of Scirpture was tossed about by every wind of doctrine. God bless you as continue to serve. When I was first awakened from the false teaching that I couldn’t lose my salvation, yes, I did explode everywhere. I called my family and started saying, “do you know that the Bible says that Jesus sacrficice was ONCE FOR ALL TIME???” Why, then, did they keep telling me I could “fall from grace”? God is so good to us, isn’t He?

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