Is This Biblical?

Now these Jews were more noble than those in Thessalonica; they received the word with all eagerness, examining the Scriptures daily to see if these things were so. Acts 17:11

Okay, I realize I started this blog a long time ago and have done nothing with it. It has been a rough summer. I would like to start posting things by starting a series called, “Is this Biblical?” where I will pose a particular teacher/teaching and ask for responses as to whether it is a Biblically true teaching and the Scripture proofs. I will allow some time to go by to allow for comments and then pose my answer. I hope this proves to be a means by which I get you to become Bereans and to truly test the things that are being taught in today’s evangelical world.

So here goes. “Is the following Biblical?” (By the way I am not going to reveal who the teacher is right away. I would rather us just examine the teaching on its own without our personal preferences affecting our answers. After we review the teaching and have sufficiently endorsed or refuted it, I will reveal who the teacher is. I look forward to anyone and everyone who will participate.) Feel free to take a guess at who the teacher is if you like.

Is the following question and corresponding answer Biblical and true and if your answer is yes, can you please provide Scripture to prove it? Likewise, if your answer is no, could you please provide a Biblical response?

“Question: When you talk about “hearing from God,” I picture God speaking in an audible voice. Does that ever happen?

Answer: When we talk about God speaking in this book, we are referring to any way God communicates with people. Neither of us has ever heard God speak audibly. However, God has clearly communicated his will to us many, many times. God is sovereign. He can choose to speak to us any way he chooses, and that includes speaking audibly. However, God also relates to us in ways that build our faith. If God spoke out loud every time he wanted our attention, we would not need to concentrate on him, nor would we require faith. Just as we are forced to listen carefully when someone speaks softly, so by God speaking to us in may ways, we are forced to pay close attention to what he is communicating. People are usually fascinated by the spectacular. They seek the miraculous. We ought not seek the spectacular when we listen to God. Rather, we should be pleased that God communicates with us in any way he chooses! Keep your heart open to all the ways God wants to communicate with you.”


HearsHisVoice has a few guidelines for making comments: 1. Comments are welcome and moderation is turned off (for now) to allow free conversation, but any inappropriate comments will be removed. Inappropriate means language, vulgarities, etc. 2. All statements of Biblical assertions must be backed with Scripture (citing book, chapter, and verse) IN CONTEXT! Please no partial quoting of scripture without a references. This is for the sake of ALL our readers and makes it easier for people to understand the point being made. 3. Hearshisvoice reserves the right to delete any and all comments that do not hold to these guidelines and to block any commenters who refuse to adhere. Thanks for understanding these basic guidelines to help facilitate biblical grounds for discussion.

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